Construction news for expansion

Zona Wyyerd is looking to expand its world class fiber-to-the-home network into the following neighborhoods:


In the coming months, Zona Wyyerd will construct 100% fiber optic network that will give you access to:


Construction is now complete and ready for customer installation. To order service, please order here. For construction questions, please email construction@zonawyyerd.com

Maps and construction schedule

Expansion Construction Schedule by Neighborhood in Festival Ranch

*Dates may shift due to weather or normal construction delays. For up to date construction updates visit fiber.events

Foothills Unit 11

Service ready

Foothills Unit 13

Service ready

Foothills Unit 3

Service Ready

Foothills Unit 5

Service Ready

Foothills Unit 7

Service Ready
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Frequently Asked Questions
Will you be digging in my yard or on my sidewalk?

Yes, it is possible. All construction will be in the Public Utility Easement which is from the back of the curb and extends into your front yard.

What are the markings or flags on my sidewalk and yard, do you remove it after construction?

The marks on the sidewalk and the flags in your yard are to help the construction crews understand where the existing utilities are. The special paint will fade away with time. The flags will be taken down by our construction team as soon as they are complete.
PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THE FLAGS, email construction@zonawyyerd.com if it is not done right away.

What does blue stake mean?

The blue stake marks all existing utilities located on each property. Blue Stake is another name for Arizona 811 (formerly Arizona Blue Stake). Arizona 811 is a non-profit communication center that provides pre-excavation/digging notification services to prevent injuries and damage to underground utilities in accordance with statutory requirements.

Should I take pictures before you start? What should the pictures be?

We recommend all residents take pictures of their existing front yard in case it is disturbed during construction. Our contractors will also be taking project photographs prior to the start of construction. The contractors will put everything back to the original condition after construction is complete.

Will it be noisy? What hours will you be working?

Please expect a little added traffic noise and some noise from the machinery that is needed to dig out and install the new fiber optic lines. Working hours could also change due to weather throughout the building process, but a typical work day will start at 7AM and end at sunset.

How long does the construction take per street?

Construction may take up to two weeks on your street.

How long after you build can I get service to my home?

If you have received our door hanger, we are about to begin construction in your neighborhood! You can get on our installation list by calling 623-455-4555.

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